A Few Things You Should Know About Buying Gifts For Kids!

A Few Things You Should Know About Buying Gifts For Kids!

Toy is an indispensable close partner of children, it plays an important role in the child’s physical growth, intellectual development, character development and so on. It can be used as a unique gifts for kids, in the purchase of toys as a gifts for kids, is the more expensive the better? The more toys, the better?

There are a few things you should know about buying gifts:

1.Toys are not more expensive and more practical

Such as some electric, remote control car, the price is very expensive, and play only one way, the child’s operation opportunities are not much, will soon lose interest. For the same amount of money, you can buy a dozen mini-cars toy. Mom and dad can buy a car every month, or they can buy one when their child is making progress. Every car you buy, we should introduce your child to the name, performance, purpose, etc.Over time, the number and types of cars are increasing, and the child’s knowledge has widened.

A Few Things You Should Know About Buying Gifts For Kids!

2.Children actually prefer cheap or even don’t want money toys

Have you ever found that stones, branches, trash cans, rice at home, bottles and cans are children’s favorite toys.Toys are not the more expensive the better, in fact, you will find that children like to spin the spoon to play;

3, self-created toys to develop the child’s intelligence

Parents should give their children the right idea: toys are not only bought, but can also be created by themselves. The advantage of making your own toys is that you can turn your child’s imagined toy stuff into something real, especially in the process of making it, and develop your child’s intelligence.
For example, the use of home buttons, milk powder cans, mineral water bottles and cartons and other existing items in the home to make.
However, to remind parents, in the production process, parents do not neglect to cultivate children’s hands-on ability, may wish to let children participate in, so that after completion, the child in the acquisition of valuable practical experience at the same time, but also enjoy a successful joy, thereby invisibly enhance the child’s self-confidence.

For children, the best toys are water, sand, or a piece of paper in life, a plank of wood, a few leaves, an old cardboard box, or the bottles and kitchen supplies you usually use, and even trash cans can be children’s toys.

A Few Things You Should Know About Buying Gifts For Kids!

4.The fewer toys the kids are, the smarter they are

Whether you have money or not, you shouldn’t buy too many toys for your kids. Why do you say that?
Toys more, will touch this, that look, the lack of the spirit of research, more will not be persistent treatment of a toy, so as to develop nothing like, what can not play three minutes of bad habits. Less toys, children will think of ways to toss the brain to toss that one tos, a variety of tricks, and love not to let go, the more play tricks, the more the love of this toy is also deeper.

5.Pondermore more, a toy can come up with countless tricks, smart head melon is so casually cultivated up.

6, it is best to buy a variety of play toys, but also develop intelligence to improve IQ

7, the kind of electric has fixed play toy will limit the baby’s creative development to a certain extent, parents had better buy less or avoid buying.
Buying more toys for children that require their own brains and a variety of tricks to develop intelligence, such as building blocks, plug-in toys, which help the baby’s ability to explore and curiosity, as well as improve IQ.

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