Buy Legos As Unique Gifts For Kids

Buy Legos As Unique Gifts For Kids

Gift for kids choose and buy gifts for kids is furniture all the time people a very headache thing, should choose gifts for kids like to let the child really want to realize understanding, choose unique gifts for kids commonly. Lego bricks as the top gifts for kids are the choice of many parents.

So how much do you know about this unique gifts for kids? Born in Denmark and more than 80 years old, lego has a huge global following, from toddlers to adults. The influence of lego on children’s thinking mode, concentration and intelligence development has been recognized by most people.

Buy Legos As Unique Gifts For Kids

Are legos really good for children?

1.Cultivation of thinking mode
Scientists say that a child’s hand (especially under the age of seven) is a child’s brain, and that when a child’s hand is trying something, the brain is actually accumulating a lot of experience. Through the “hands-on” in the lego class, the children are trained in thinking mode including logical thinking, creativity and problem-solving ability.

2.Cultivation of observation and concentration
Playing with legos can also develop a child’s ability to observe and focus. When the child rides a car, originally may only know the wheel is round, but when starts to build by oneself, he only then discovers the wheel is composed by the wheel hub and the tire. In the process of hands-on construction, the child’s observation ability will be improved and his creativity and problem-solving ability will be improved by comparing with the reality and exploring the reasons.

3.Character development
Playing with legos is also great for character development. The child has moved, failed, his endurance, anti-frustration ability, cooperation ability will be a lot stronger; Through this process, the child will know that doing things is not so easy, his tolerance, tolerance will be better.
Lego has a wide range of toys, thanks to its sophisticated “Sysytem” system, which allows lego parts to combine with each other.

Buy Legos As Unique Gifts For Kids

DUPLO (depot) and BASIC (BASIC particles) are the main two systems to be divided according to the system.
When buying lego bricks for your child, be sure to follow the child’s age. Children at the same age play with toys of the same age. Do not buy toys across the age range.

Pay attention to the recommended age tag on the lego packaging and buy toys that fit your child’s age range. For example, the above mentioned depot series is suitable for children aged 2 to 5. Of course the recommended age is just a reference, usually:

DUPLO series are often purchased for ages 1 1/2 to 5
BASIC (BASIC particles) series can be purchased for ages 5 and above

The current classic building block set has been reduced to four years old. Parents can decide when to contact basic particles based on their child’s development. Because the basic particles are relatively small and tight, testing the child’s hand strength and fine movements, and there are also safety hazards of accidental absorption and feeding (the size of debao is designed for the child, bricks and boards are not easy to swallow by mistake.) , so parents are advised to pay attention to teaching their children about play. Lego bricks are tested through multiple procedures. They are of high strength and hard for children to break. Besides, they are made of food-grade materials.

Lego has a rich product line, but basically all of it is BASIC, which means it’s fully compatible, except for the depot line for younger babies. When the child is old enough to buy according to his or her interest, it is suggested that he or she begin to play the small suit slowly to the big suit.

That’s how to buy unique gifts for kids, and lego.

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