How Do I Choose A Children’s Toy Holder?

The average family will have small children, need to buy unique gifts for kids, so there will be children’s toys. Now the toy storage rack material is also different, so we need to choose carefully selected. Then the small editor is here today to introduce about the children’s toy collection rack brand introduction, and how to buy toys to accept the rack.Interested friends follow the decoration of the house’s small editor to look down.

How Do I Choose A Children's Toy Holder?

I. How to buy a toy rack

1, size

Before purchasing a storage box, be sure to measure the size of the space, especially the height between the floor and the bed. It must be carefully measured so that the storage box is too high to fit.The size of the toy rack depends on what kind of gift you buy for your child.

2, storage

Before you select a storage box, consider the items you want to store. For example, if you want to store clothes because you are worried about dust, choose a covered storage box that is well sealed.
If you’re storing a toy, you can use a drawer to hold the box so that the kids can pull the drawer directly, pick up and pick up the toy, instead of pulling out the entire box.

3, materials

There are many types of storage boxes on the market, such as rattan, plastic, nonwovens, etc. If you are concerned that the floor is too moisture-heavy and easily wet, it is recommended to choose plastic products.
If you choose another material, you can place waterproof products, such as plastic sheets, under the storage box. 4, identify put a whole row of boxes, when you are looking for something, you can’t imagine it in the box now.
To avoid this hassle, it is recommended to choose a transparent box, and in the case of a cloth storage box, it is best to use a transparent cover or label.

How Do I Choose A Children's Toy Holder?

II, children’s toys collection rack brand introduction

1, Taili, Zhongshan Taili HomeWare Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is currently China’s large-scale science and technology household goods production enterprises, China’s homewareindustry industry leading enterprises, won the Guangdong Province trademark, Guangdong Province brand and other titles.
2, camellia, Fujian Camellia Home Plastics Co., Ltd. is asia’s large-scale household plastics production base, is China’s leading enterprises in the household plastic products industry, and won the “China’s well-known trademarks,” “Fujian Province trademarks,” “Fujian Province brand products” and other honors.
3, revitalization, Guangzhou Revitalization Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1983, is a domestic export enterprises, and won the “Guangdong Province brand products,” “Guangdong trademark”, “top ten storage box brand.”
4, the lottery organizers, Shenzhen Dekangxing HomeWare Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, is a research and development, production, as one of the home enterprises, focusing on simple, fashion, environmental protection products development and promotion. 5, Banfes, Guangdong Ridatong Crafts Co. , Ltd. was founded in 1989, inherited the Danish minimalist art brand, and organized ten brands.

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