How To Buy Children’s Car As The Top Gifts For Kids?

How To Buy Children's Car As The Best Gifts For Kids?

As long as there are children in the family, you need to buy unique gifts for kids, and there are many choices for unique gifts for kids. For example, children’s electric car is more expensive than other gifts in its price, it is given tthe top gift for kids.

Not only do toy makers value children’s electric cars, but some luxury car brands have also launched their own children’s electric cars. The reporter saw that the shop owner displayed the BMW company authorization certificate, authorized its production model to be identical with the BMW real car model. Tesla also licensed toy manufacturers to make children’s electric cars of the same brand and model as real cars.

An online toy store owner said, “electric cars are the most profitable toys to buy gifts for kids and are selling well. Toymakers are now rolling out children’s electric cars, and luxury brands are teaming up with established toy manufacturers to offer children’s electric cars in real cars. It’s not just about profit, it’s about branding your kids from an early age.”

In the online toy store, the reporter saw that the design modules of these toy cars are very similar to real cars: equipped with headlights, driving lights, turn signals, four-wheel drive, independent suspension and other functions, just like a real car. In the function introduction, that is, music, children’s songs, car body can be like a cradle in situ shaking, can use a remote control vehicle and other functions, looks like in the introduction of children’s toys.

How To Buy Children's Car As The Best Gifts For Kids?

In terms of price, children’s electric cars range from 400 to 500 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. Like cars in the adult world, different brands, configurations, body sizes, and loads are all related to price. It is understood that the popular model mainly concentrated in the 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan. As children’s toys, the price of several thousand yuan is not cheap, but from the online store sales can see that sales are very hot. A few hundred cars sold is not a lot, and some stores show that more than 5,000 have been sold.

Toys are an important partner for children to grow up. Children’s electric cars, which are similar to miniaturized adult cars, are especially popular among children and parents because they can let children from 3 to 8 years old drive independently with the steering wheel and parents control them by remote control. However, it’s worth noting that the toy, which seems to mimic the fun of adult driving, can also pose a safety hazard if not chosen properly.

How To Buy Children's Car As The Best Gifts For Kids?

The purchase of children’s toy cars should pay attention to

First, China implements a mandatory product certification system for toy products. When purchasing products, attention should be paid to the “CCC” certification mark on the package or logo.

Second, in the purchase of buggy products, to be able to find on the packaging of the factory name, factory address and contact information, applicable age range, safety warning labels. Choose carefully if the content is unclear or if there is no such identification.

Third, we should pay attention to the composition and material of buggy stuffing, check the product safety and quality certification mark. For example, some children’s buggies are not up to standard in quality. They are easy to be damaged when used, and fragments and other parts may hurt children. Some sensitizing materials are also used, which may lead to safety risks for children.

Forth, want to see kind when choose and buy. Don’t buy products with small parts that may be swallowed or inhaled by children, and products with sharp or rough edges. Want to see whether the structure is firm, whether there is a gap that can clip the finger, whether the brake is reliable and so on.

Fifth, the above is to introduce the top gifts for kids should pay attention to the knowledge points, buying children’s toy cars should pay attention to what?

I hope you can help you when you buy gifts for kids.

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