How To Choose Unique Gifts For Kids?

How To Choose Unique Gifts For Kids?

At present, toys in the market are constantly updated, and children will buy some toys in the cartoons because of the influence of cartoons. Parents often choose unique gifts for kids, but sometimes these toys also have safety risks. How can they choose the top gifts for kids? Here’s how to choose the top gifts for kids.

I.What kinds of baby toys are there

In terms of materials, common children’s toys are wooden toys, metal toys, cloth toys, etc., in terms of function, the most popular is the development of intelligent toys.
Specifically, children’s toys can be divided into 10 categories: jigsaw puzzle, game, digital abacus text, tools, puzzle combination, building blocks, transportation toys, drag toys, puzzle board toys and cartoon dolls.

How To Choose Unique Gifts For Kids?

II.What unique gifts for kids should be chosen of different ages

0-3 months baby: ringing bell, bed bell, a variety of sound and light fitness rack.
3-6 months: plush blocks, plush dolls or tumbler, splashing, playing, floating toys suitable for bathing.
6-9 months: drag toys, music pull rope pull bell, hammer drum, building blocks, cloth book, etc.
9-12 months: tower set, bead rack, ball, toy piano, etc.
Children of 1-2 years old: toy phone, ball, drawing board, writing board, intelligence blocks, small animals, transportation, books, etc.
2-3 years old: toys, letters, words, writing board, etc.
3 years old and above: bowling ball, tricycle, roller skates, all kinds of ball toys, rope, car, etc.

How To Choose Unique Gifts For Kids?

III.How to choose toys
Find out the name and address of the manufacturer or seller, the standards and age range. Don’t buy toys with easily swallowed or inhaled widgets, or toys with sharp or rough edges. Check objects. When plush toy of choose and buy, application hand pulls the nose on toy, eye, button to wait for small part to see its easy fall off. Feel the texture of the hand, close to smell the smell, where the feeling of hard or caked, have a smell of plush toys are mostly filled with some inferior materials.

Generally speaking, it is taken for granted that girls choose barbie dolls and boys choose cars, but this is not good for babies. Experts say that too much emphasis on sex in toys can hinder the development of a baby’s sex. Choose toys without gender labels for your baby, such as building blocks, balls, puzzles, play-doh, animal farm toys, etc. In addition, experts also stressed that more is not the best, mothers need to learn to use old toys to play new tricks, learn to use old toys as toys, toys need to give the baby a certain choice space.

IV.How to sterilize and clean toys

1, resistant to moisture, corrosion resistance, not easy to fade toys available 0.2% peroxyacetic acid or 0.5% disinfection spirit immersion, wipe disinfection.
2, plush, paper toys and books can be exposed to the sun, using ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization.
3, wooden toys can be washed with soapy water.
4, metal toys can be washed with soapy water, and then the sun.
5, the use of electronic disinfection cabinet or disinfectant soaking effect is also very good

The above is to show you how to choose unique gifts for kids, specific to the types of toys, the age of different top gifts for kids. I hope you find the above content helpful in buying the top gifts for kids.

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